Germany has been painfully slow in digitizing the country´s healthcare sector. The new government has now released the draft coalition agreement which puts eHealth high on the agenda; the goal is nothing less than creating electronic medical records for 70 million citizens by the end of the legislative period in autumn 2021.

Here is an overview of Germany’s national eHealth goals as defined in the coalition agreement; they can provide technology vendors with a framework of opportunities for aligning communications and getting strategically involved with Germany’s healthcare sector.

Hospital investments aim at driving tech adoption 
“To ensure good inpatient care significantly increased investment in hospitals is needed for restructuring, new technologies and digitization.”

Greater funding shall support health investments and medical coverage in rural areas
“In order to promote the necessary structural changes in the hospital landscape and the quality of inpatient care, the Structural Fund (…) will be continued for another four years at the rate of € 1 billion / year.”

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Funding of health innovations will be extended
“We will continue the innovation fund beyond the year 2019 with a volume of 200 million euros annually. We want to ensure that successful care approaches are quickly transferred to standard care.”

Telematics infrastructure* is given greater relevance; EMR introduction period fixed
“We will continue to expand the telematics infrastructure and introduce an electronic patient record for all insured persons in this legislative period.”

New telemedicine applications shall be enabled
“We will put restrictive regulations for remote treatment to the test.”

eHealth initiative expanded to nursing care
“We also want to further develop care provision with options for digitization so that both caregivers and people in need of care can make better use of information and communication technologies as well as new technical applications.”

eHealth services will be reimbursable
“The application and reimbursement of telemedicine services should be expanded. We will continue the eHealth initiative and the medical technology strategy process to make Germany a sustainable and future-oriented location for the healthcare industry. ”

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* The healthcare telematics infrastructure connects the IT systems of doctors’ and dentists’ practices, pharmacies, hospitals and health insurers with each other. It thereby lays the groundwork for a systematic interchange of information. Data protection and the right of self-determination in respect of personal information will be upheld at all times. (Source: Deutsche Telekom)