Copenhagen | DENMARK – I had the honor to represent HIMSS at the OECD High-Level Policy Forum, where the Crown Princess, health ministers, policy makers and experts looked at digitization to prepare healthcare for change. This is a brief summary.

What we discussed: Click on the headlines to read my full reports on LinkedIn.

What was said:

“New technologies are empowering healthcare professionals. Digitalization can free valuable time from routine tasks, allowing the staff to provide better, closer and more personal care for the patients.” – Magnus Heunicke, Minister of Health and Senior Citizens, Denmark

What I tweeted:

Think about…

The challenge for governments is to create an environment where personal health data can be used to generate valuable knowledge, and to ensure at the same time that individual privacy is respected. Leadership and transparency that explain the benefits of using health data as well as how risks are managed are vital.


Discovered the wonderful Medical Museum of Copenhagen and met a Real Princess for the first time.